The Event

Sunday 23 Sep 2018
catwalk is at 3pm

Note: Can register on the day but pre register to avoid queues.

After the tremendous success of the London Bengali Wedding Fair (LBWF) 2016, Birmingham BWF 2016 and LBWF 2017 held at the luxurious 4* Radisson Blu Edwardian, Canary Wharf. With great pleasure and immense demand we are hosting the 4TH LBWF back at the grand Royal Regency venue in the Heart of East London.

It will be a very exciting and exquisite event with an expected 4000 plus footfall throughout the day (through our mass advertising stream).

The previous event was held at the Aston Villa Football Club supported by Qatar Airways with an attendance of over 3000 throughout the day, via free entry. The LBWF is the world’s only Wedding Fair which caters specifically for the Bangladeshi community of all faiths who either live in or plan to host and come to do their wedding shopping in London. From a survey conducted by the LBWF Team of 200 Bangladeshi UK bride and grooms we found out that 34% spent between £35,000-£50,000 on the occasion and the three highest costs were the venue, food and outfits followed by gold jewellery, decor, photography and honeymoon. The aim of this event is to have all sectors of wedding services under one roof. This will allow potential grooms, brides to be and wedding parties to gain some relief from the excess stress of wedding shopping and planning. Wedding shopping is the most important, time consuming and stressful experience for all parties involved. Due to the severe rise in demand of exclusivity at weddings and an increase in the expenditure in order to keep up with current trends, people find themselves over whelmed of not knowing where to start or how to budget themselves.

Though it is specifically aimed at people who are trying to get wedding ideas it does not restrict the normal public from attending. This is a family event and with summer Wedding Season around the corner it really is the best shopping event to get the latest designs and styles.


sponsor, VIP and stand Holder
(Key: LBWF: London Bengali Wedding Fair / BBWF: Birmingham Bengali Wedding Fair)

Baroness Manzilla Pola Uddin - LbWF
London Bengali wedding fair was a great family occasion organised with enthusiasm, passion and care. I look forward to be there next year.

Cllr nawaz ali (trade ambassador for birmingham) - bbWF
Great to have the Birmingham Bengali Wedding Fair here, it has bought the community and businesses together in good spirit. We look forward to welcoming the BBWF again.

Royal regency - venue - LbWF
Very proud to be sponsoring such a professionally organised Bengali event, we will look forward to being the host venue next year again.

Aston villa Football Club – venue - bbWF
Wonderful having the first BBWF hosted here at AVFC , the organisers were very professional and we look forward to welcoming them here again in the near future.

Your Personal bridal dreams - online Magazine - LbWF
An Inspirational and cultural Bengali event of the year. It will only get better.

Direct Phantom Hire- Lead sponsor - LbWF
We received exactly as promised by the organisers, professionally managed event ,we will certainly be sponsoring next year.

Spectrum Car Hire - sponsor – bbWF
Thank you to the BBWF for allowing us to be a part of this Wedding Fair, we look forward to sponsoring next year.

Channel s tv - tv Media Partner - LbWF & bbWF
Very successful and unique event featuring new entrepreneurs and businesses for the wedding industry. We will be supporting 2017 LBWF.

Majestics - decor sponsor
Very glad to work with such a professional team, beautifully organised for a first event.

Air express travel and tours (London) - LbWF
Fantastic Event, first ever in the uk, it has alot of potential and we look forward to supporting future events.

Air express travel and tours (birmingham) - bbWF
Fantastic event, good turnout, extremely proud to sponsor this event.

A&S beauty - Lead Make Up artist
Brilliant event ,loved every moment of it, Inshallah next year it will be bigger.

Ladyss Mastii - Lead Make Up artist - bbWF
Ecstatic to work with a friendly team, very professional and helped in promoting my business vigorously.

Picturthat – Photography and videography sponsor - LbWF & bbWF
It was an immense pleasure to sponsor the LBWF & BBWF 2016, we will certainly be a part of next year.

All seasons - Catering partner - LbWF
Excellent platform for Asian and Bengali wedding cuisine publicity, we have received orders beyond expectations.

Iqbals Catering - Catering Partner - bbWF
Great to have been in partnership with the BBWF, we received bookings on the day and look forward to BBWF 2017.